Harvust Featured in Good Fruit Grower Article "Ag HR Goes Online"

January 10, 2023

Harvust co-owner Riley Clubb sat down with Kate Prengaman to discuss how Harvust is helping raise the bar on farm labor management technology. Kate's article touches on the different aspects of the agricutural labor management: H-2A, farmworker recruitment, hiring and onboarding documents, orientation and safety training, time tracking and piece rate tracking, two way communication, safety meetings, and payroll. Harvust touches five of those on it's own, but paired with our deep partnerships with wafla for H-2A contracting and recruiting, and FieldClock for time tracking Harvust becomes a home for a seamless farm labor management experience.

Read the full article here https://www.goodfruit.com/ag-hr-goes-online/

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