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software for farms.

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Onboard new hires

Take control of your hiring process with a completely paperless system that’s faster, and more accurate. Hiring forms are electronically signed and filed away, and orientation training is delivered efficiently with automatically created records for each employee. Get employees ready to work faster, and better.

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Keep workers

Safety training (almost) on autopilot. Develop a culture of safety with prebuilt safety meeting and training programs you can send directly to workers phones, or hold in person. Records are automatically created so you are compliance audit ready. Ongoing feedback from your crews allows you to prevent accidents, and reduce costs while strengthening your relationship with your employees.

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Communicate better

Reliably and effectively communicate directly with you employees in their preferred language to increase your workforce’s productivity and responsiveness to changes. Helping you eliminate paid unproductive time, and improve employee morale.

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Harvust and the
Ag Innovation Challenge

Harvust is the winner of the national Farm Bureau business competition.

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We are extremely satisfied with the ease and efficiency, which the Harvust platform provides. We are now utilizing Harvust for all our new employee onboard documentation, important company wide announcements and all Safety Meetings.
Corey Rogers, Ward Rugh, Hay
See how Harvust can make important HR tasks on your farm simple, fast, and organized.
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