“Our experience with Harvust was excellent. We moved our hiring process to 100% electronic, reducing the stacks of paper and filing headaches.”
Take control of your hiring process
Harvust gives you the power to onboard large numbers of new hires with unparalleled accuracy. Hiring forms are automatically populated and built-in validation ensures every document is done right the first time. A comprehensive dashboard assures you of the training and document completion status for every employee on your farm.
Boosting productivity
Harvust is completely paperless and eliminates time spent filing, retrieving and printing. Documents are always accessible. Exporting employee data for payroll and reporting frees your staff to focus on something more productive than manual data entry.
With training you can trust
Harvust automatically creates time-stamped and secure records of every single training lesson and hiring document. View and download complete training histories and audit trails for every worker whenever you need it.
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“We are extremely satisfied with the ease and efficiency which the Harvust platform provides.  We are now utilizing Harvust for all our new employee onboard documentation, important company-wide announcements and all Safety Meetings.”
Corey Rogers, President, Ward Rugh
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Simple form for easy filling of documents on mobile
Validation of inputted form data
Automatic filling of data
Organized and searchable records
Verified and compliant e-signatures
Easy document redos, revisions, and edits
Exportable employee data for integration with payroll systems, and reporting
Encrypted document storage
Employee onboarding status dashboard
Timestamped training records
Make managing your workforce simple and fast
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