Accelerate your hiring process with safety training and hiring documents optimized for your new hires. Access verified, time-stamped records whenever you need them.
Accelerate your hiring process

Harvust is the fastest, easiest way to get your new hires ready for work. Send your hiring documents and safety training straight to a worker's phone, spending less time in the office and more time in the field.

Boosting productivity

Harvust eliminates time spent filing, retrieving, scanning and printing. Give your staff the power to onboard large groups of new hires all at once and the freedom to focus on the most productive work on your farm.

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With records you can trust

Harvust automatically creates time-stamped and secure records of every single training lesson and hiring document. View and download complete training histories and audit trails for every worker whenever you need it.

“Harvust is an innovative way to keep in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) rules of Washington State.”

Pedro Serrano, Safety Program Manager, WA L&I

Optimized for your employees

Harvust works for the everyday farmworker. Training lessons come with automatic voice translations. Simple forms are automatically populated with built-in validation ensuring every document is done right the first time.

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