Faster farmworker onboarding that works with your process

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Empower your staff to hire faster and better

Farmworker hiring in a fraction of the time

Send your hiring packet and safety orientations with an online web app. Harvust fills in information from scanned IDs or previous hiring.

With records you can trust

Stop worrying about costly I-9 errors. Bulletproof e-signature software and audit trails mean you’ll have no problems in case of an audit.

And data that works with the rest of your system

You’ll have instant access to all your records through an easy to use web app. Export everything to integrate with your time-tracking, payroll, and other human resource management systems.

So everyone spends less time in the office

Stop hiring people just so you can hire people. Hiring farm employees with Harvust is fast. It keeps everyone happy by spending less time on paperwork. Getting new hires into the field faster is better for everyone.

Now I seamlessly get the [hiring] information straight to my computer from out in the field. Instead of taking twenty minutes to onboard one employee it takes approximately two.
Hannah DeHoog, Milbrandt Management, Quincy, WA

See how Harvust can make hiring faster, and integrate with your systems

You'll hear from us soon!

This is Hannah, she runs HR at Milbrandt Management in Washington. When you start using Harvust you'll be dancing too!
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How it works
Add new employee to your farm

All you need is their name and phone number (if they don't have a phone that's okay too)

Assign employee to crew

Whether they are on the field crew or the office, Harvust keeps your farm workers organized and easy to manage.

Send hiring packet to employee

You prepare the documents and the employee signs on their phone. Want to go even faster? Harvust can scan their ID to get their info straight from their driver’s license or green card.

Send training to employee

Choose training materials from the Harvust library or upload your own. Automated record keeping keeps track of employee progress.

Integrate with your system

Employee records are securely stored, and instantly accessible on Harvust. You can download PDFs and export data to integrate with payroll, time tracking, and other HR systems.

Frequently asked questions about e-signatures and I-9s in agriculture

Can I complete and store I-9 electronically?

Employers who wish to implement an electronic Form I-9 with an electronic signature function may re-create a Form I-9 that includes such a function, as long as the resulting form is legible; there is no change to the name, content, or sequence of the data elements and instructions; no additional data elements or language are inserted; and the standards specified under 8 CFR 274a.2(e) through (i), as applicable, are met.  The system used to generate and store the electronic Form I-9 also must comply with regulations found at 8 CFR 274a.2 (e)-(i). The Form I-9 posted to the USCIS website does not currently have an electronic signature function.

Are Harvust electronic signatures valid?

Harvust complies with the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act because its electronic signature processes ensures: 1) a clear intent to use electronic signatures and do business electronically; 2) signatures are directly associated with the electronic record and user placing them; 3) access to the records for all parties; and 4) prevention against tampering of electronic documents.

Am I required to save copies of the documents on my office computer, or can I leave them stored in your cloud/servers?

Employers are not required to store electronic copies of documents. While electronic copies of documents are always stored in our systems, it’s more important that you simply have a standard operating process for what you do with electronic documents, whether you discard them or save them and how, and that you follow that process for all employees. Harvust never stores verification documentation.

If I do electronic signatures do I also have to do e-verify?

No, E-Verify is an optional service provided by the federal government to confirm work status. No employer is required to use E-Verify, but it does minimize risk by confirming with the United States government that an employee is eligible to work. Harvust does not integrate with E-Verify.

Do Form I-9s have to be stored with Payroll Records?

USCIS recommends that employers keep Form I-9 separate from personnel records to facilitate an inspection request. Form I-9s should correspond to your employees on payrolls, but should be stored separately.

Our lawyer has prepared a compliance audit and full list of frequently asked questions in a detailed PDF.

View Audit & FAQ
Simple form for easy
filling of documents
on mobile
Easy document redos, revisions, and edits
Timestamped training records
Validation of inputted
form data
Exportable employee
data for payroll, and reporting
Automatic filling
of data
Encrypted document
Organized and
searchable records
Employee onboarding
status dashboard
Verified and compliant
Learn about improving safety with Harvust
Learn about better communication with Harvust

Getting started with Harvust is easy

Traditionally, implementing a new software system can be a long, and arduous process. Harvust is different, we create a personalized setup plan for each new grower so you can start seeing value as soon as possible. Below is an overview of what a typical Harvust deployment looks like.

Day 1

Fill out our new customer questionnaire, schedule integrations meeting

Our HR specialist, Becca, will send you an email asking in-the-weeds questions about your farm so we can set up your new account just right. She'll also have you send us your hiring packet and any other onboarding documents. Finally you'll schedule a Zoom meeting to go over any integration needs.

Day 2-3

HR integrations meeting

You'll meet with our co-owner, James, to go over how Harvust will work with your existing HR systems like payroll, and timetracking. Together we'll decide on the needed exports and imports for your various vendors. While we have most ag software integrations already working, in our experience you'll need small customizations, those will be identified in this meeting too. Finally, we'll map out the workflow you and your staff will practice to use these integrations effectively. This will take a couple iterations to get right, but we'll be there every step of the way!

Day 4-5

Onboarding documents review

While we were planning your integrations, Becca will have digitized your onboarding documents so they work on Harvust. She will send you a video going over each document; if anything looks off you can get back to her and she'll make the corrections.

Day 7


While Harvust is simple and easy to use, that doesn't mean we'll leave you to fend for yourself. You will get a one-on-one training and coaching session with Becca that will make you the Harvust expert for your company. And of course, if you or your staff ever need more help, we're happy to provide follow-ups.

Day 8

You're ready!

You're trained, your employees have been loaded into your account, and your documents are ready to go. Most new growers immediately start getting value by turning on our automations, testing out with their team, and gradually rolling out Harvust to the entire farm.

FAQs about working with Harvust

What is the process for customer feedback and implementation of requested features?

While we can't promise to build everything you ask for, we do promise to listen to any feedback and feature requests you might have. The more growers who ask for something the more likely it is we'll build it, we don't just listen to our biggest customers.

Are there any new features in development?

Yes, there always are! While we don't share our roadmap publicly, if you're looking for a feature that has to do with ag labor compliance, there's a good chance it is already in the plan. If there is a specific capability you are looking for get in touch with us.

Are there any plans to increase or change the current pricing structure?

No, and you can see our current pricing here. We have found usage-based billing, invoiced at the end of the billing period, to be the fairest way to charge for our services. We don't do contracts, and any pricing changes will be communicated far in advance. Additionally, we only raise prices if we believe we have also raised the value we are bringing to you via new features and capabilities. The only time we've changed our pricing was in 2023. Not a single customer stopped using Harvust because of the price change. We try to be fair.

See how Harvust can make important HR tasks on your farm simple, fast, and organized.

You'll hear from us soon!

This is Hannah, she runs HR at Milbrandt Management in Washington. When you start using Harvust you'll be dancing too!
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