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Beneath the vast Washington skies lies Walla Walla, the birthplace of Harvust. It was here that Riley Clubb and James Christopher Hall envisioned a revolution in farm HR.  

After witnessing firsthand the administrative struggles of farming—the mountains of paperwork, the fragmented communication, the disconnect between CEOs and the vital workforce keeping the land productive—they decided it was time for a groundbreaking HR management tool. Fueled by a shared passion for agriculture and a belief in technology's ability to empower, Riley and James set out to build a farm HR company that would streamline processes, bridge communication gaps, and ultimately improve the lives of those who till the soil and reap the rewards. Harvust was born of the need for a robust, accessible software suite that could transform how American farms manage their most valuable asset: their people.

From its humble beginnings, Harvust has blossomed like the golden wheat fields it serves. Fueled by a dedication to serving the needs of every farm, big or small, we've grown steadily, keeping our focus on affordability and accessibility.  

Today, we offer packages that cater to any farm's size and budget, ensuring efficient farm HR management is no longer a luxury reserved for the biggest players. Our guiding philosophy is simple: use only what you need, and only pay for what you use. There are no lengthy contracts or hidden fees—just clear value tailored to your operation. 

This commitment to transparency and accessibility resonated with American farmers and industry leaders. In 2021, Harvust's dedication to revolutionizing farm HR was recognized with a resounding victory: the prestigious American Farm Bureau Entrepreneur of the Year award. This accolade is a testament to our unwavering mission and inspires us to continue building tools that empower farms of all sizes to thrive. 

The fertile fields of Walla Walla aren't the only thing thriving under the Washington sun. At Harvust, innovation is in constant bloom, as we’re always seeking new ways to cultivate a brighter future for American agriculture. We understand that farm HR isn't just about paperwork and checklists; it's about the human stories behind the soil. Every streamlined onboarding process, every completed safety training module, every clear line of communication represents a life improved, a farm strengthened. That's why we don't rest on our laurels.  

While others might view farm HR as a solved puzzle, we see it as a growing canvas demanding continuous creativity and dedication. Our team, fueled by the same passion that drove Riley and James on day one, is constantly pushing the boundaries, developing new features and integrations that anticipate your needs before they arise. We believe in building quality products that evolve with you, not stagnant solutions that hold you back. Our software is meticulously designed to empower your farm family with intuitive tools that simplify the complex, connect the remote, and celebrate the achievements, big and small, that keep American agriculture flourishing.

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