Develop a culture of safety with safety meetings and training on workers phones, COVID screener, and ongoing feedback from your crews
Streamlined safety meetings and training
Harvust reduces work interruptions and does a better job of training your field workers by sending reminders and materials straight to your employees phones. Check your dashboard to see complete histories of topics discussed, participation, and download records so you are ready for GAP audits, or compliance visits.
Develop a culture of safety
Harvust will automatically remind you when employee's trainings expire, and let you know when training gaps appear, reducing your risk. Anonymously receive safety feedback and suggestions from your field workers so you can address issues before they become accidents.
Optimized for your employees
Simple mobile-friendly design, automatic voice translations, and text message notifications make Harvust easy to use for the everyday farmworker. Send materials directly to the employee’s phone or to a shared office device for those who don’t have their own.
Accident log when you need it
Easy to fill out accident log, has fields for all of the right information, and checks for errors. Every accident report is intelligently linked to the farm, and the involved employee; meaning less time is spent filling out the report. The accident log gathers all the information need for OSHA 300/301 records, and are printable/exportable.
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A laptop showing how to create a safety meeting on Harvust
A smartphone showing how a farm worker would participate in a safety meeting
See how Milbrandt uses Harvust Safety to respond to COVID-19 and train their hundreds of vineyard workers and winery employees
See how Milbrandt uses Harvust Safety to respond to COVID-19 and train their hundreds of vineyard workers and winery employees

Partners with Washington Farm Bureau Retro/Safety

Retro Safety logo
“I have reviewed the products offered and found them thoughtful and well-targeted…I urge anyone with the opportunity to do so to work with Harvust.”
Richard Clyne, Director of Retro/Safety, WSFB
Safety & training materials

Farm Bureau Tailgate Safety handouts, videos, and other training materials are converted and optimized for Harvust, automatically kept up to date, and are available the moment you get started with Harvust.

Recommended safety programs

Built in safety meeting topic recommendations make monthly safety meetings even easier and more effective.

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“We are extremely satisfied with the ease and efficiency which the Harvust platform provides.  We are now utilizing Harvust for...all Safety Meetings.  With the current evolving COVID-19 virus, we have been able to promptly communicate all safety precautions for all employees to follow with the simple click of a button.”
Corey Rogers, President, Ward Rugh
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“North Wind Aviation has Helicopter Bases in several locations throughout Washington and Oregon and our staff is engaged in a variety of aerial application projects that has them constantly on the move, making it somewhat difficult to bring people together for meetings and trainings. Harvust has really helped us in sharing information, being timely with priority topics and the ability to have the records of training or communication as needed."
Calvin Yamamoto, North Wind Aviation

Employees prefer Harvust

“Me parece perfecta su idea de mandar estas juntas por telefono, gracias”
Juan B
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How it works with your existing systems

  1. Export employee training time data for upload to your time tracking, and payroll systems.
  2. Print out safety training topics and field reports for crew bosses, and legacy record keeping systems.
  3. Harvust can create custom export formats for your business's unique needs.


Safety meetings on phones or in-person with automatic reminders
Automatic OSHA 300/301 accident log
Safety meeting feedback
Anonymous safety concern reporting
Timestamped safety records
Schedule a demo and see how Harvust can make important HR tasks on your farm simple, fast, and organized
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