Improve farm employee relations with Harvust

Hannah, HR manager at Milbrandt standing in front of some winemaking tanks

Connect with your field workers

Take control of your farm's communication

Send messages to farmworkers directly to their phone. Attachments and GPS map tools give you even more power to communicate exactly what you need.

While keeping everyone accountable

Confirm that every message has been received. Harvust software automatically alerts you to any problems with an employee’s phone. Improve accountability on your farm.

Speak in the language that works for your farm employees

Harvust software automatically translates every message and creates an audio file for workers who prefer to hear their message in their preferred language.

Giving you increased workplace productivity and morale

Communicating everything from changes in the work schedule to important company updates keeps your employees engaged and reduces paid non-productive time on the farm.

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It was great being able to find Harvust during the COVID-19 outbreak. Harvust is user friendly, it was easy to communicate with the employees . . . Thanks to Harvust we were able to be compliant and keep open communication with all the employees.
Zuri Martinez, Veldhuis, Dairy
How it works
Select who you want to communicate with

From the office to the field and everywhere in between, Harvust is building stronger relationships between you and your employees.

Send them a message

Text messages delivered straight to their phone with audio translations. Have more to say? Send attachments and GPS map locations to really get the message across.

Be confident in your communication

Harvust will confirm delivery with all of your employees and alert you when there is a problem.

Send one way messages to your farm crews
Auto or manual Spanish/English translations
Automatic voice translations
PDF attachments
Geo-location pin drop
Phone status report
Learn about onboarding with Harvust
Learn about improving safety with Harvust
See how Harvust can make important HR tasks on your farm simple, fast, and organized.
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