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Harvust Onboarding empowers your staff to hire faster and better

Harvust handles I-9s, W-4s, as well as all of your custom documents you need new employees to sign.

Scans of your employees' identification documents make the hiring process even faster and more accurate.

Notifications are sent to hiring managers to keep everything on pace and complete.

Harvust and FieldClock get everything synced without breaking a sweat (or a csv)

Adding your new employees to FieldClock is now as simple as clicking a button.

Download and print their badge all from within your Harvust hiring workflow.

Any changes you make in Harvust going forward will always automatically sync with FieldClock.

Harvust Manage makes your training compliance faster and simpler

Send trainings directly to your employees with built-in audio translations.

Employees can ask questions and provide anonymous feedback.

Employee can't receive trainings on their phone? No problem. Attendance can be completed just as easily using the employee's badge.

Training records available at a moment's notice to prove your commitment to a safe and trained workplace.

FieldClock sends real-time labor production from the field to the office

Labor tracking and data collection provides managers with real-time information from the fields to the warehouses.

Production reporting offers an unparalleled view into your operation so that you can make the best decisions — every time.

Payroll is complex and time-consuming. FieldClock does all the heavy lifting. Piecework, break-pay, minimum-wage adjustments and H-2A compensation are automatically calculated and exportable to your payroll system.

Harvust Manage streamlines your workplace communication year round

Share important updates like shift or schedule changes at a moment's notice.

Built-in Spanish audio translations makes sure everyone understands the right message.

Two-way communication gives you a more organized and secure way to dialogue with your employees.

Automated Heat and Wildfire Smoke alerts make compliance feel like clicking a button.

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per hire per calendar year
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  • Fully customizable hiring packets
  • Verified and compliant e-signatures
  • Secure document management
  • Employee onboarding status dashboard
  • Exportable employee data for payroll, and reporting



per employee per month
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  • Direct-to-employee or in person training delivery and record keeping
  • Automated heat stress & wildfire smoke alerts
  • Automated employee engagment messaging
  • One-way translated bulk messaging with text-to-audio
  • Anonymous employee feedback
  • Two way one-on-one chat
  • Hundreds of training videos and handouts
  • Acccident log with OSHA 300 support


per employee per month
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  • Time & Attendance
  • Piecework tracking
  • Break/Non-Productive Time
  • Minimum-Wage
  • Overtime
  • Notes
  • Payroll Exports
We, and our employees, are saving time and effort. Harvust has enabled us to increase everyone’s productivity and reduce paperwork. The app, which is dead easy to use, continues to grow with updates and improvements.
Caroline Massey, Michael Wolf Vineyard Services, Inc., Napa, CA

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