American Farm Bureau Farmside Chat Podcast with MidAtlantic Farm Credit and Harvust

December 27, 2023

Innovators and entrepreneurs play a key role in helping farmers find solutions to help keep their businesses efficient and sustainable. AFBF President Zippy Duvall chats with Andrew Rose of MidAtlantic Farm Credit on how investments can drive this innovative work on and off the farm, and then with 2021 Farm Bureau Entrepreneurs of the Year, Riley Clubb and James Christopher Hall, who developed Harvust, a software platform that helps farmers successfully hire, train and communicate with employees.

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(yes, you're going to end up on our email list, but we don't send that many)

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Riley Clubb

Riley Clubb, a co-founder of Harvust, is a Walla Walla tech entrepreneur with a rich background in the wine and banking industries. As a Whitman College and MIT Sloan School of Management alumnus, his expertise in business and management uniquely positions him to lead Harvust in revolutionizing agricultural HR practices. Riley's experience includes impactful terms as a Walla Walla City Councilman and on the board of the family-owned Baker Boyer Bank, underscoring his commitment to sustainable community development and innovative agribusiness solutions.