Riley Clubb


Born and raised in Walla Walla, Washington, entrepreneurship runs deep in my veins, thanks to my family's long legacy of business ownership. Growing up amid the hustle and bustle of family enterprises instilled in me a natural inclination toward entrepreneurship. After graduating from college, I embarked on a journey of exploration, trying my hand at various endeavors. From selling ski boots in Aspen to contributing to my family's businesses like Lake Hole No. 41 Winery and Baker Boyer Bank, each experience added a unique layer to my understanding of business dynamics. It was this diverse background that sparked my curiosity to delve deeper into the world of business. That's when I decided to pursue an MBA at MIT Sloan.

At MIT, I found my true calling in entrepreneurship, although my initial venture into virtual reality didn't pan out as expected. Nevertheless, I remained undeterred, fueled by a passion to make a tangible impact on the world. It was during this time that I crossed paths with James and became involved with Harvust. What drew me to Harvust was not just its immense business potential, but also the opportunity it presented to make a significant community impact, particularly in agriculture—a field deeply rooted in my family's history.

As a sixth-generation native of Walla Walla, this community holds a special place in my heart. My driving force has always been the desire to leave a positive mark on the world and enhance my family's legacy. Through Harvust, I aim to continue inspiring future generations and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Walla Walla's entrepreneurial spirit. 

In my career, I've been fortunate to face relatively few hurdles, but being a bootstrapped entrepreneur is no walk in the park—it's an arduous path filled with high risks and potential high rewards. It's essentially a constant bet on oneself. Sure, there are exhilarating moments when everything aligns, and you feel like you're creating something of immense value for customers and a lasting legacy for your family. But let's not sugarcoat it—there are also countless days filled with doubt, questioning the viability of your endeavors and the worth of your efforts. Persisting through these ups and downs has been my greatest challenge career-wise. 

As for career milestones, well, growing Harvust to where it is today is certainly up there. But, you know, I've always had a soft spot for my early days selling ski boots. In my first year, I somehow ended up as one of the top salespeople in December, the busiest month. It might not sound like much, but it's something I'm pretty proud of. It taught me a lot about listening to customers and solving their problems—skills that have been super useful in running Harvust. It's a small but memorable part of my journey.

My foremost personal success, though, is maintaining sobriety for twelve years. It's been the foundation for many other achievements in my life. This journey of sobriety has enabled me to enjoy a happy marriage for the past six years, take pride in being a father to a teenager, and create a home that's a haven for my family. Additionally, it has given me the opportunity to build something that holds significant value not just for my family, but also for the wider community. This journey has been about much more than just personal growth; it's been about creating a meaningful and fulfilling life for myself and those around me.