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Imagine the time you could save if your employees were
Ready on Arrival
How it works
Track your wafla contracts in realtime from the Visa Trace dashboard in Harvust.

The Visa Trace dashboard in Harvust gives you 24/7 insight into your contracts status and latest updates.

Follow every contract all the way from applications submitted to SWA through secured Consulate appointments for your H-2A employees.

All of the information you need, without the headaches you don't need (that's what wafla is for right?)

Once they're on the bus, your guest employees are now connected to your farm.

With Harvust Manage you can share welcome messages and important updates directly to all of your H-2A employees.

Built-in Spanish audio translations makes sure everyone gets the right message.

Two-way communication gives you a more organized and secure way to dialogue with your employees.

GPS location sharing and easy attachments give you even more power to share exactly what you need, when you need it.

Once connected, get a head start on hiring so they are Ready on Arrival.

Harvust Onboarding gets your H-2A employees' information automatically synced from wafla and you don't have to even lift a finger (or a csv).

Review and complete I-9s, W-4s, as well as all of your custom documents you need new employees to sign.

Notifications are relayed between the bus and your hiring managers to keep everything on pace and complete.

By the time they arrive, your office is well on it's way to the most productive and most compliant work possible.

Do you have orientation videos or handouts you share with new employees? Great! Use Harvust Manage to get all that done before they even arrive.

In addition to all of your own materials, we offer a complete library of training topics handpicked by wafla and many other agencies.

Every training is delivered with audio translation as well as opportunities for questions and anonymous feedback.

And you get secure records available at your fingertips so you are always ready to prove your commitment to providing a safe and trained workplace.



per hire per calendar year
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  • Fully customizable hiring packets
  • Verified and compliant e-signatures
  • Secure document management
  • Employee onboarding status dashboard
  • Exportable employee data for payroll, and reporting



per employee per month
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  • Direct-to-employee or in person training delivery and record keeping
  • Automated heat stress & wildfire smoke alerts
  • Automated employee engagment messaging
  • One-way translated bulk messaging with text-to-audio
  • Anonymous employee feedback
  • Two way one-on-one chat
  • Hundreds of training videos and handouts
  • Acccident log with OSHA 300 support
Now I seamlessly get the [hiring] information straight to my computer from out in the field. Instead of taking twenty minutes to onboard one employee it takes approximately two.
Hannah DeHoog, Milbrandt Management, Quincy, WA

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This is Hannah, she runs HR at Milbrandt Management in Washington. When you start using Harvust you'll be dancing too!
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