Automated wildfire smoke safety alerts & farmworker training

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Harvust is partnering with PNASH to take wildfire smoke off your hands

Automated smoke alerts direct to employees

Wildfire smoke hurts productivity and your workers health. Proactively receiving info about when the air in unhealthy is important to 100% of surveyed farmworkers and required by law. Harvust will continuously monitor the AQI at each of your farm locations, and send translated text message alerts to each employee's phone.

94% of farmworkers want smoke safety training from you, their employer

Send safety trainings direct to farmworkers on their own device to complete. Set job training requirements so no one falls behind.

With the best training material available from PNASH

The Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety & Health Center has created optimized and compliant safety training materials designed specifically for farmworkers.

72% of surveyed farmworkers said their supervisor had no training on smoke safety, and it is now required by law to train your supervisors. Harvust can make that easier for you to administer and track with supervisor/management specific training guides.

And let Harvust take care of the record keeping

Stop spending so much time taking attendance and chasing down signatures. Harvust automatically creates and organizes the records you need to be ready for any audit or compliance inspection.

See how Harvust & PNASH can make wildfire smoke compliance easy

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This is Hannah, she runs HR at Milbrandt Management in Washington. When you start using Harvust you'll be dancing too!
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