The Tailgate Safety Meeting Handout is Dead, Here's What's Replacing It

July 9, 2024

The state of safety meetings is dismal. Most farms don't hold them monthly as required by the regulations, and when they do hold them very few are actually accomplishing the goal of reducing risk and the associated costs. Why? Because you've basically got two choices when it comes to coming up with what to talk about at safety meetings: grab a dusty, outdated handout or create your own meeting agenda from scratch. Or, a messy mix of both.

Why Canned Safety Meeting Topics Suck

We're all guilty of it—relying on those same old tailgate handouts from who-knows-when. They're outdated and probably not even compliant anymore. Your employees have heard these before and tuned out, even though the info is still crucial. You're likely just following some newsletter suggestion that your competitors in the market subscribe to as well. But those newsletters don't know your farm! Every farm's risks and costs are unique, so you need safety meetings that are tailored to you.

Why Creating Your Own Safety Meetings Sucks

Sure, custom safety meetings sound great until you're knee-deep in accident reports, trying to extract valuable lessons. Reviewing past meeting minutes for employee feedback? What a chore. And predicting next month's safety issues? Good luck. Then, there's the joy of formatting and writing it all up. Translating it. And then distributing it to your supervisors. Time-consuming doesn't even begin to cover it.

So, Both Options Aren't Great. Now What?

Here's the deal: in our experience for safety meetings to work, they need to be real and responsive. That's where we come in with AI-driven safety meetings that merge your farm's unique data, industry-wide risks, and employee feedback into killer training material. With just a few clicks, your crews are covered, forever. Seriously, that's it.

Here's How We're Redefining Safety Meetings:

This is a screenshot from within Harvust's app. Yeah it's that simple.

  1. Your Farm's Risks: Real examples make things real. Harvust's accident log allows your supervisors to report incidents in detail. We turn these into training material, highlighting key moments and best practices.
  2. Industry Risks: Just because it didn't happen on your farm doesn't mean it can't. Harvust analyzes industry safety data from news, regulatory agencies, and more to keep your farmworkers ready for anything.
  3. Employee Feedback: One in five employees leaves feedback after training on Harvust. This goldmine of information gets summarized by AI and incorporated into the meetings, showing you're listening and sparking more thoughtful engagement. It's a literal feedback loop.
  4. Greater Context: Harvust's AI takes into account seasonality, weather, past trainings, and more to craft relevant and timely safety meetings.
  5. Delivery: We'll send it straight to employee's phones or help you deliver it in person. Employees can't read? Supervisors not good at presenting? That's not uncommon, and not a problem. Our lifelike AI voice keeps everyone engaged. Give this snippet of a real Harvust generated safety meeting a listen👇

The Bottom Line

Not only do our dynamic safety meetings require none of your time, but the quality is incredible. Our automated safety meetings can give you the best safety program among your peers. Check out the preview below for a sample of what a Harvust safety meeting would look like for your employees. If you think this is a game-changer, it's time to join us. Stop wasting time with your safety meetings and start getting real safety: less accidents, less headaches, and less cost.

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