Employment Posters for WA Farms in 2024

January 25, 2024

It's hard to follow when employment posters change. And in agriculture, we have even more posting requirements! There are federal and state level requirements. Unfortunately poster ordering services are expensive and not designed for agriculture. I've set up a Google Sheets database tracking the  poster requirements for ag employers on the federal and Washington state levels. Included are for each poster are when it was last revised, and download links for English and Spanish versions.

In addition to the standard employment law posters for all businesses, the database tracks the following employment posters for farms

This is a living database, which means it will always be up-to-date, so bookmark it! I'll be adding Oregon and California soon!

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James Christopher Hall

For 5 years, as the co-owner of Harvust, James has built farm labor management tools. Every year he spends a day working in the fields of Harvust customers to understand the problems they and their employees face. James has seen first-hand the needs of thousands of farmworkers, and the human resources professionals that they rely on. That experience drives him to continue working to make managing farm labor better for employers and employees.