Becca Groche

Ag HR Specialist

Hey there, I'm Becca Groche, the Ag HR Specialist at Harvust, and let me tell you, my journey to this role has been quite the ride!

I never imagined I'd end up in HR. In college, I started off studying Early Childhood Education, but quickly realized it wasn't for me. By a stroke of luck, I landed a job as a "Staffing Specialist" at a local staffing company, where the owner saw something in me and gave me a chance. That's how I dipped my toes into the world of HR.

I worked hard at that job to build a community of HR professionals in the Wenatchee Valley, and then I was off and running. A few years later, one of those HR professionals offered me a position at a large fruit grower in the Valley. It was there that I experienced firsthand the challenges of hiring and safety compliance in agriculture. I was beyond frustrated and desperate to find solutions for both the farms and the farmworkers. Then, by another stroke of luck, I stumbled upon a part-time job posting for Harvust. Little did I know, Harvust would turn out to be the answer to all the issues I was so passionate about fixing in the agricultural industry.

Transitioning to working full-time with Harvust was a game-changer for me. Not having a formal education sometimes triggers imposter syndrome, but I've learned to navigate it. With a naturally "Yes" personality, I tend to overwork myself, but seeing the positives in every situation keeps me going.

Working from home for Harvust has allowed me to maintain a healthy work-life balance, a first in my career. It's been a journey to find a balance where I can excel at my job without sacrificing my well-being. Anxiety has always been a significant struggle for me, but coupled with my flexible schedule, journaling and therapy have been lifesavers. Then, in 2021, I became a mother, and balancing work and motherhood has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Watching my daughter grow and learn fills me with pride every day.