Focus on farming

Automatically manage your work force

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Send announcements to every worker on your farm, cutting your unproductive time and improving effciency.
Designed for farming

Don't worry about maintaining lists of phone numbers. Send announcements to your whole crew or certain jobs on the farm, just assign a worker to that job on Harvust.

High delivery rate

Stop hoping people will pass the message along. Harvust verifies workers' phone numbers and other contact info. If anything changes we'll handle it.

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Reach everyone how they want to be reached

Harvust sends your announcements over each worker's preferred channel. If a worker prefers email over text message then that's how they'll get your message.

Supported channels
  • SMS
  • Automated phone call
  • Email
Right language, everytime

Write your announcement in Spanish or English and we'll make sure that it is delivered to each worker in their preferred language.

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